My nephew challenged my boyfriend to a wrestling match.My nephew is 12, 115lbs but wrestles for his middle school. My bf is 32, 155lbs. My nephew pinned him and used a headlock to win. Are boys known to be stronger than grown men?


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Otis Campbell answered

Your nephew probably hits the gym every day. Im 56 and im out of shape he could kick my butt so whats new

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PJ Stein answered

A 12 yr old is much more agile than a man in his 30s. Plus he is on the wrestling team. Did you boyfriend ever wrestle on a team? If not he most likely wouldn't know much of the physics applied to the sport. He outweighed me by 60 lbs and he taught me how to flip and pin him.

Or your boyfriend was just being nice and let your nephew win as a confidence builder.

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