I always get anxiety before I play my soccer practice (only on matches) but once I tried to push out of it, too hard in the whole game and afterI feel a little dizzy what happens when idid it or keep doing it eventually?


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Zack, if you are not seeing a professional for your anxiety, it is time you do. It is effecting your life too much for any us to help you. 

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Zack, for the last time no more soccer questions. We don't know.  You've been told several times to talk to your coach.  No more please.

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Do you mean this is really bad, mental-disorder anxiety (which you should talk to your doctor about), or are you just nervous for your match?

I don't play soccer, but some of my friends do, and the ones who get nervous before matches try to relax by visualizing playing well and just watching games on their phones to take their mind off of theirs. Others get really hyped up and shake out any anxiety. This girl I know also meditates (just sit doing nothing but focusing on your breathing) to relax. The key is to take your mind off of the game and trust in your practice.

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It means you've lost sight of the fact that Soccer is a Game that is SUPPOSED to be fun . . . You need to reclaim that regardless of how serious your teammates push the "Win" . . . It is about the experience and the Journey, not whether you win the game or lose it . . . It what have to taken away from the time playing of each game as part of your journey.

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