What, in your opinion, do most people, or at least a lot of people, have all wrong?


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The mindset that is "the more the merrier."

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Call me Z
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Or perhaps that more is always better. Excess is king, until the bill comes.
Yin And Yang
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Yep! ☺
Darik Majoren
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This is nice way of offering a concept of a balance of Wants to Needs and exactly how many wants we can support financially.
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That time heals ALL wounds.

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Toni Pauze
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I think time dulls some pains. But, it does work in some cases.
Call me Z
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A myth, and a big one. It assumes the pain is always finite, or that suffering has boundaries.
I was hoping someone would mention this one.
Darik Majoren
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I think if left "Unchecked" . . time can actually cause a wound to "Fester" . . .
It is more of how we let a transgression "Define" us in our character . . . it is these experiences that cause us to be the people we are today.
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That the world is inherently fair, safe, and awaiting you.

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That if someone doesn't agree with you they are wrong. Too many people do not get there while we all live on the same planet, our realties can be very different. What is right for one person, will not necessary be right for someone else.

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Well it is no secret, that I find most people (in this nation) have the idea or concept of the "After Life" all wrong.

With regards to religion and it being a utopian or heavenly everlasting place . . .

While immortality SEEMS to be alluring, the human race needs to address lengthening our existence as a species in the "Here and Now" . . . And not look to some myth of living forever in a place that will never die or need maintenance. While the earth and even our solar system has a limited life span, we could endure to find other solar systems that can support our species . . . You say "For how Long?" . . . I say "As long as we can."

We should be concerned with Exactly HOW we are treating this earth and its limited resources, we should be more concerned with tapping into technology in developing additional renewable resources as main use of things.

It would be wonderful if everyone stopped looking to what they BELIEVED and started concentrating on what we currently KNOW . . . In this we can find common ground to thrive and work together rather then exert beliefs over one in other to the extent of war.

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Its always been quite striking how the accounts of "heaven" are rare and ambiguous, left largely to the imagination, while descriptions of its frightful counterpart are presented more frequently and in lurid detail. Would heaven be less interesting if we really knew the whole story?
(Between you and I, it is, because we in fact, do.)

My own theory is that attempting to delineate any version of paradise would diminish its appeal, so greater reliance is placed on how utterly horrible the alleged only other option is. This formula has been remarkably successful...and destructive.
Darik Majoren
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Yes, the old "Pretend to believe so that you can avoid Hell (or it's equivalent)", is the "Go To" for a reason to propagate myth even to the most stubborn of heathens . . .
. . . and so it goes . . or Amen.

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