What comes to mind when you think of a homeschooler?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Some lonely kid, sitting at the kitchen table doing work in front of a laptop.

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Darik Majoren answered

Possibly . . . Emotionally and socially retarded.

Before people get up in arms about the "R" Word . . It merely means "Slow" in regards to being able to socially acclimate and handle the emotional stress of a transition to the outside world . . .

While some states have great organizations to help homeschoolers socialize, I find the majority of Parents (in New Hampshire and Maine as well as many I know from Florida) tend to not use the resources to their full potential.

Most parents choose "Home Schooling" for a couple of reasons . . . Religious beliefs, a better education then is offered in their immediate area. Unfortunately I have seen it time and time again . . The Child ends up with this Emotional and Social "Plastic Bubble" . . . Once out in the real world, this WILL shatter.

WHEN it does, the coping skills of the child will be severely tested all at once. I personally believe the parent wants a child who will always be dependent on them, and socially handicaps the child so that this happens.

The schools in my immediate area lacked in the educational aspect that my children needed . . . So this Atheist (yes me) sent his children to a Christian Private school. I realized the Social aspect was very important, as well as a full understanding of Knowledge versus Belief. The school offered fantastic and challenging education that help both my children succeed.

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