In a relationship between an employee and supervisor, who must do most of the adjusting?


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Anonymous.....I was a supervisor and manager for years.  I started from the bottom and worked my way up the chain.  Now, I mentioned that because my co-workers remained in my department throughout my advancement so that would mean the level of friendship would change in the workplace especially with those I was the closest too.  There has to be a mutual bond of respect between management and employee.  A manager should always be approachable, able to talk to and ready to be of assistance at any time during the workday.  When I became supervisor I was also responsible for training new employees.  That would mean that I would have to adjust my workload in order to make myself available to anyone needing help.  As an employee my expectation from management was to be treated with respect and human decency.  As a supervisor/manager I tried to treat others the same way I wanted to be treated.  So in answer to your question - management and employee both have to make adjustments in order to get along in the workplace.

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