Acquaintances are all going to start doing these different diets New Year's resolutions. Not me. Has anyone heard of the Daniel Fast? Base on Daniel 1:12 and Daniel 10:1-2


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So fasting and dieting aren't in the same realm.

Not eating at all is actually not great . . . You need to get nutrients into your body.

Modify the "amount" of calories taken in to be less then you normally burn off based on your height and weight.

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I just don't want to see you argue with a nice man like Dark Majinn. What you say or do with me is another thing altogether. I have been told that you complained about me but that really matters not to me, Jan. What matters is that we all live in peace and be friends if we can. I don't think our friendship has ended at all. Just a little rocky at the moment and that can be cured, don't you think?
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I disagree with on Dark.
DS has disabled her account and I couldnt find the ModBluritt and I think after searching I found CS and sent a message, not sure if it was the right form. They'll get to soon, I hope. I ask to be delete.

Also, to be more honest, there are some people who want folks to fight, I was told you said things about me. But I don't care what was said, I still told them you're a good friend to me and you were good to me and you were good to the people on Blurtit.

I never report you to anyone in a "Report" or a complaint. I thought you would have asked me first text or email. Not put me on public blast. That really really hurt. I considered you one of my oldest, trusted and dearest friend. That no gossip or rumors could break us :)

I informed you several times, I was unable to send you messages and you told me you were updating IT computer systems and installing other technical supports. I haven't been able to send you in PM messages for quite sometime.
I come and go for several days at a time, truth is my "Season" is up here. Unfortunately there are 3 or so on here that will never ever let me have peace on here. I still get referred. My manners, answers, comments, questions and style, irrate folks the wrong way. For that I do apologize. Anyhoo, my season is finished. You're still cool to me :)
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I wrote you an e-mail with the best explanation that I could, Jan. I was also told you said things about me Jan but I usually don't let what people I barely know bother me with those things. Please read my e-mail when you have time, OK ?
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Never heard of it, but I looked it up.

"Bible based" always gets more attention that "new diet."

And a diet is a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

The Daniel Fast is another type of diet, apparently with a heavy stress on eating various types of vegetables.

Usually, any diet that winds up with a person eating less calories than his body requires to maintain its current weight will result in weight loss.

But I have no idea how healthy it might be since I have not investigated it further.

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Jann Nikka
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Seems to be based on eating lots of fruits and vegetables and very little meat. No different from most sensible dieting.
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That's what I would have guessed.

Seems workable and safe at least in the short run.

I also guessing that some sort of supplementation might be necessary eventually.
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Agree. I read that you can take a "One A Day" am and pm. I do.
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I had to look it up but don't understand it. Some pseudo-religious diet ? What does religion have to do with a diet? Beats me. Couldn't find much on it but it looks like it's come and gone years ago like the rest of the fad diets.

Testimonies | The Daniel Fast

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I found a very good article on Daniel Fast complete with several scriptures. Until they mentioned it, I'd never heard of it... Seems they will start after Lent and go for 40 days.

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