Am I short if Im 14 and only 5' in the 8th grade and I haven't really grown that much since about 5th grade?


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Stormy-Lynn Calvert Profile

Let me put it to you this way: I'm 22 and I'm only 5'2... Now, I'm short, lol. I bet you'll grow taller as you get older. :)

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Ray Dart answered

I was 5'10" at 16 years of age (I have the medical report still) I was 6'2" when I was 21.

I think I probably stopped growing around 19 though..... I didn't bother getting myself measured that often.

Michael Jones Profile
Michael Jones answered

A growth spurt can occur from 14 to 17 year of age (some grow even to their 20's but it's rare). I was 4'8 when I was your age and in just 3 years I was already 5'9. And I stayed that way. Some say that it depends on your genes (if your mom and dad are short...well... Do the math). But it's not always true I've seen basketball players with really short parents. Eat your vegetables and hope for the best:)

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