Im a 14 yr old girl on my period which started late last there a way to either lighten it up or help it end faster???


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Consuming lots of water and fruits/vegetables should help lighten it a bit, and according to wikihow, mixing a packet of gelatin in a glass of water and drinking it quickly can stop your period for a max of 3 hours.

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Sorry .. There is no way to manipulate it

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I wish

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U can ease the pain a little with putting something warm like a hot water bottle on your belly. There are also tablets for menstruation aches or the use of birth control pills can enlight the annoyances a lot. Ofcourse the use of medicine has it's own downsides.

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Not really .... But you're not alone!

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Drink a lot if water that's what I do to ease it. I also take a hot water to bed at night and put it where I usually got cramps and it eases it and makes it lighter plus them my period only lasts 5 days if use a hot water bottle and drink a lot of water. My diet is also high in fruit and vegetables too.

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