Is there a site i can get help with my rent in an emergency? lending,work,anything. I got stuck in a bad spot and need help with my rent. Credit is too bad for any real loan. anything to make at least 2,000


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Dear Blair Plivelic,

Why don't you start by checking around to see if there is a chapter of Love, INC in your area? It stands for Love In the Name of Christ; they don't give amounts that large, mainly gifts of small amounts of money, diapers or other emergency things you run out of.

However, it is a place to start and with the church connections there is always a chance they could refer you on?

That is all I can think of...I volunteered with homelessness many years ago and Love INC was very good.

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There are those payday loan places but there is a cost involved. Talk to your landlord and perhaps you may be allowed an extension. Ask family or friends to help you out. Sell something .. Everyone has none critical items in their home that can be liquidated for fast cash.

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