Using what you know of Blurtit members based on their answers and comments, if you could nominate a Presidential candidate (and Vice Pres if you wish) from the Blurtit Party, who would you choose and why?


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Rooster 👏 President Because he 👀daily takes cares for the Blurtit👍 Community.

Hippy Vice President makes us 😅 and Didge Co-Vice President  📚 up-building comments and life stories.

JNickka Secretary of State, has seen through a lot of bad 🤗personal drama, can relate to many.

Tiger Paws 😄 Speaker of The House and Counselor gives wise advice and encouragement to all.

Danae, Skip, Zack, KB, Mountain Man, Happy, JT, Super, Skunky, Ancient, Star, Corey, Pepper, Matt, Roy, echooos, dragonfly, The Z, Barb, Kioyre, Yin, Thrice, Walter, Aldrich, encouraging, funny, lovable, always a kind word to all, would make outstanding members of  both Congress and The House.

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Despite i love Niccka's answer, i can not support anyone for such purpose. I hope my opinion does not offend anyone.

From what i have learnt Blurtit community is another part of society which lives in a fairy-tale world. Destroying weapons, too much peace, government shouldn't hold secret. Society must know everything. Nope, the world is not as simple as some think and that won't work. I can be sure a government based on people in Blurtit will end up with a dozen examples of what Edward Snowden have done. Which is a mess and risk to national security.

My ending choice would be Rooster, at least he's solider. Knows deal about Russia knows more inside information. He always keep away from political discussions which gives me hopes of his humor.

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Matt Radiance
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Thank you for the input and i keep your amazing quote in my mind. however, i attend to express such phrases in order to practice respect. because i do not enjoy offending people. therefore i am sensitive on the subject and so i attend to practice respect to clear my intention to have a good-clear conscious on my own.
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Your're Super SWEET 😄😄😄
Matt Radiance
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Thanks :)
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I think Matt Radiance has a pretty good answer.

Some practical personal experience with the workings of the government branches and and world politics is preferable in a candidate. 

That way we tend to not waste too much time trying to implement the practicable but unlikely.

Old age is not for sissies, neither is elected office---some of us are just too polite.  Some of us live in Brigadoon.  Some of us have problems inflicting pain when necessary.

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