Do you have a single or family plan to leave your home within 15 minutes? Supplies.


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Ancient Hippy answered

I have a 'go bag' packed but I forget where it is.

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Ancient One answered

Where we live we are high, near the water, and very, very rural. Only 6 houses within a a 25 mile radius. Only 2 are occupied year round. We have had some very exciting moments, so we are prepared. We have enough supplies in our "Black Boxes" to keep us going (3) for at least 45 days.

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Didge Doo answered

We've had a few wildfire situations where we've had to consider bailing out in a hurry. (Only actually did it once and that was back in 1968.) The fires are so much a part of our lives that most long terms residents don't panic, but we know what has to be thrown into the car before and it's fairly obvious when we need to go.

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When I was little I had a plan to tie all my stuffed animals up in a blanket and toss them out the window so I'd have them if the house was destroyed haha. Nowadays I have a plan to get my actual animals out safely, along with myself. I keep some small emergency supplies in a shed separate from the house, and a tag on the window of my door saying how many animals of what species are inside in case I couldn't save them and someone else needed to

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