I am 15 years old, I've always been on the smaller size when it comes to weight and my breast size, but recently i noticed I've gained weight in my body and my breasts. Please help me figure out if my breasts will get smaller if I loose weight?


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This is normal growth in teen girls as they gain weight while the hips and breasts become more curvy and the waist gets somewhat smaller.

This is natures way to prepare the body for carrying babies during pregnancy. The hips get wider because your pelvis is growing to accommodate the body to carry a growing baby and then give birth.

Not that you should be getting pregnant now by any means, but your body develops as it is supposed to. Many many years ago, girls your age would be married and having children because people didn't live as long then. The world needed to keep repopulating to keep the human race going. That's not the case anymore.

If you lost weight, it's hard to say whether your breasts would go down that much, because when a teen girl develops, the breasts are filled with mostly breast tissue and not as much fat as they would contain at a later age.

Breast tissue doesn't go away as much as fat when weigh is lost.

If you get yourself a properly fitted bra, which stores like JC Penny (if in the USA) can help you with, you will not feel as self conscious about these changes.

The thing you have to remember is to eat healthy and stay at an appropriate weight. This is so you will be healthy for your future of finishing school and hopefully college. Don't be underweight. That affects your brain in a bad way.

Many boys and men don't have any idea how self conscious most girls feel as these changes happen, and they make inappropriate comments such as "this is a good thing" or "your problem isn't that bad". Getting a properly fitted bra will help you feel better about your body changing because the bra will give more support and coverage.

I hope this helps in some way.

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I'm 70 and a man, but over the years I've seen a lot of teenage girls who gain weight and their breast size also increases.

Subsequently, when they have chosen to lose weight, their breasts seem to remain their larger size.

I think this might be because female breasts are secondary sex characteristics and are not significantly affected by weight gain or loss.

So I'm thinking they will remain about the same, or perhaps appear somewhat larger, because you will look smaller everywhere else.

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Diet, and exercise, are probably the best ways. Thought I have been hearing a rumor of a suit which generates cold making your body warm up, thus burning calories.

P.S. Form what I heard your problem isn't that bad, so dont worry :)

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@Mad- "From what I heard your problem isn't that bad". That is an inappropriate comment , very inappropriate.
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