What was the most spontaneous thing you've ever done with yourself and/or your friends?

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Climbed up and crossed over a parked train.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

July of 2016. A thought randomly flashed through my mind and I suggested to my wife that we needed to return to Gatlinburg, Tennessee because our anniversary trip was ruined last time thanks to my car breaking down. Her eyes lit up in approval and I immediately booked the hotel a few minutes later for that coming weekend.

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A year ago September, I crashed a gallery opening of one of my favorite artists. It was a soft opening for friends and family. I showed up and pretended that I was supposed to be there. I hung out for about 45 minutes. I knew it was a once in a lifetime experience and I had nothing to lose. I will be smiling about that experience on my deathbed.

I've always tried to do spontaneous things, when we were younger we'd hop in the car and go on a road trip. Didn't have a destination, just had to be back in time for work.

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Yin And Yang
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My husband would LOVE it if I would do that more often. I am the one who has to have careful planning and a list written down so I don't forget something! :0(
Veronica Dultry
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It's okay, Yin, you're just being a mom. Got to be organized when you're moming. :))
Yin And Yang
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So very true! Thank you my friend! :0)
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On the spur of the moment. My friends and I decided to go to the Woodstock Festival back in '69. We all told our parents that we were going camping in the PA mountains for a few days.

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We decided to take a flight to San Francisco just for dinner at the Top of The Mark.  (Would never do it today .... Too expensive and too much security red tape.)

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