What is something that can easily distract you?


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I'm easily distracted.

But your question reminded me of a woman's advice to a newlywed in C.S.Lewis's That Hideous Strength. She said, "You should make a practice of talking to your husband when he is reading, dear; it helps him to concentrate on his book."

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Need I say more ????

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Rooster Cogburn
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First ex wife ! Never go near one again ! Yep ! They are usually very fair skinned and that hottie isn't. LOL
Darik Majoren
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First ex Wife? . . you've more then one ex wife?
Are you currently married brother Rooster?
Rooster Cogburn
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Yes, two ex-wives. One(redhead) divorced me when I was in Vietnam and I was super glad. Her constant boozing was the end of my second wife. Couldn't stand it. I'm staying single now !
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Well it depends.....

If I am in the kitchen then I instantly become a "Dory" from Finding Nemo....... "Ohhh something shinny!"

Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming

Thats what we do

We swim

Ha ha ha ha swim........

Oppps! There I go again! The kitchen is calling me......


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Zack! Dogs barking can distract me a lot. I own two Dachshunds and these babies
can get pretty loud when they want to. The situation is that I work from home
and at times, I really need to be concentrated on what I am doing to avoid
writing nonsense. However, as soon as the two monsters start yapping, it just
drives me nuts and I am still trying to adapt, in vain!

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