What's one thing you were given as a child that you still cherish today?


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I have a belt skyhook that my dad made from a piece of ebony. It amazed me as a kid and still amazes me today.

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I don't know why I never heard of those . Very pretty !
Ancient Hippy
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I had only seen the one my dad made until I looked them up today. I didn't even know they had a name. I googled belt balancer and belt skyhook came up.
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I have something on but couldn't cherish it well due an accident which was out of my control.

My mother gave me my first experience with drum. Starting with a snare when i was eight. I barely ask for something, specially when i feel family has different issues. Whether i never ask someone to get it for me or i try to find a way to earn and save money for it to get it myself.

A that time i guess she found out how my eyes sparkle when i talk about drum. Without me asking, she bought one for me to start with. It was one of the greatest feelings ever! I was so protective of it but one day something happened that never could do anything about it .  . .  .cried a lot tho.

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I've been hauling around a 1 yr old 8x10 baby picture of me for 60+ years and 3 other pics of me for 55 yrs.

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My beat up old Teddy Bear that my Mom fixed and sewed up a bunch of times. Kind of looks like Frankenstein's monster but I loved that bear and still have it sitting in my closet.

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I can't think of one thing at the moment.

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