At what age did you know you had to take responsibility for your actions?


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15 but 17 definitely when I can from school and my bedroom door was off the hinges 😁 and she put a .357 to my temple, said to me, "I'll blow your mf blankety-blank blankety blankety-blank brains out, she said I didn't say Good morning when I left for school. I took full responsibility for me, I vowed that was the last time she would pull a gun on me. I left and never went back to her home. 

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I was pretty little. My folks were old-school - every action had a reaction. I remember dropping my allowance (a whole quarter!) in the street and it had been raining. My sisters and I looked and looked, getting really muddy in the process, but we couldn't find it. I went to my dad and he said that I should have put it in my pocket so I wouldn't have dropped it. I think I was four years old then.

I'm pretty sure there were other earlier instances - that one just stuck in my mind, as at the time, losing a quarter was a really big deal.

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When I turned 8, my dad gave me a penknife to carry on our camping trips. I knew THEN that I was responsible for my own safety and the safety of others. I still have that penknife too.

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Dear Zack,

It was about 65 years ago, I was six years old and my father took me WAY out in the countryside to learn to shoot a little 22 rifle...I knocked off a whole row of those little disks...

He explained how careful we had to be, and how I was responsible for EVERYTHING in the line of fire of that gun...and I still remember how proud I was...became a crack shot by age twelve.

* * *

Then in my thirties, got threatened with a home invasion, plus my soldier contemporaries came home from Vietnam with PTSD. I gave up all my beloved guns, could not bear the thought of ever being tempted to use one on a human being even in gravest danger.

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me and my sisters were blamed for tearing up a house that was under construction. My parents had to pay 500bux for damage we did not do from then on i never trusted the cops

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