Has your experiences with women/men been a good or bad one?


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Dear Zack,

My experiences with both women and men have been extremely good...

But I look back now, because up until the age of 28 or so most close friendships were with men; I found women generally to be snarky and critical...hard to maintain quality friendships.

Still not sure exactly what happened, but I began to wonder if society oppression of women had something to do with all that. So I made a point to try again female friendships, and it turned out wonderfully.

* * *

There ARE basic differences between male and female friendships, and I now cherish both, my life enriched, would not want to be without either.

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Virginia Lou
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Dear Zack, would you consider posting your own answer to your question?
I am interested as to how you came up with this Q, what led you to ask for in put of Blurt community?
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Now THAT would be interesting.
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Women friendships fair 😕to OK🙄.

Best gal pal died of breast cancer, people thought we were sisters 👭.

Men friendships 😨poor to 😩fair.

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I've had good experiences with both!

But i noticed always my female friends used to be more than males. The same happened in my internet communications as well. Not something i pick up myself, it just happens! It seems i get submit of a communication into friendship with females easier.

I have been gifted very good friends tho, nice gentlemen and ladies. In and outside of net.

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I have had good and bad with both. I have generally had better luck with my men friendships, and I think that is because they never have seen me as competition.

I have found when I was younger, say in my late teens and through my 20s, some women thought I was trying to steal their boyfriends. I didn't want their boyfriends as I had known most of them since grade school. They were like brothers to me and I would treat them that way. I would give a hug hello and tease them a bit. It was their girlfriends' insecurities that made things rough.

As most women that I know have grown past that stage, and also since I am also now married, thing have gotten better.

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