Is there an atheist version of "Bless you" when someone sneezes? ( My friend refuses to say "bless you" when I sneeze, because I'm an atheist. LOL )


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Master Didge hit the nail on the head, it is helpful when we consider a sneeze has long been associated with the onset of some fearful illness. Wishing "good health" or extending a blessing seems the humane thing to do. There are countries like China and Korea where the custom is to say nothing. Barbarians.

In Italian, it comes out as the rousing response of "Salute! " -meaning "Health". Easier to say than Gesundheit

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people believed that your soul was escaping or trying to come out whenever you sneezed, so they said blessing.

So there probably isn't an atheist version. I'm agnostic, and I just say "bless you" for the saying, lol.

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The usual alternative is Gesundheit! (don't forget the exclamation mark) which is German for "Good health."

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I tried to find a vide clip of somebody screaming, "Gesundheit!" but the only short ones were spoken too gently.
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Rooster, I once went to a lunchtime performance where, among other things, the artist sang a song in German. It was a pretty good song and I was enjoying it without paying much attention to the lyrics when I caught one word, and it was Volkswagen. So I started listening and realised that he'd cobbled a German song together from lots of trade names and German expressions that had found their way into English. It was very clever.
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Salute! - Italian version for "Good Health"

Salud! - Spanish version for "Good Health

Also, one time, my equal opportunistic offensive ways compelled me to respond in a charismatic voice, "May the Lord God have mercy upon your soul, oh sinner!!" He wasn't too thrilled with me after I said that.

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I say 'bless you', and I'm an aethiest, and that's what everyone I know, whether they be aethiest or people belonging to any specific religion say as well.

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