In relation to body image, gender roles and self esteem, how much do you believe young girls to be influenced by Disney princesses?


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Matt Radiance answered

I cannot be certain, from my point of view, i'd say 50/50 %

I assume it would be hard to guess unless there be several surveys. Lots of girls normally and automatically look over characters specially Disney characters as they nicely designed, the engine atmosphere and creations are sparkling and characters would consider attractive. It's not a surprise to see young girls get influenced by following Disney princess and their principles in the movie. The level of influence depends on individuals.

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PJ Stein answered

I think it is all up to the parents. Fairy tales have been around forever, but they are just made up stories. In my family girls are raised to be smart, self-sufficient, and with a sense of self-worth. My family has strong women, so we raise strong women. While everyone of the younger generation in my family watched Disney movies, and owned Disney merchandise, we didn't allow them to go overboard with them. We also enroll them in sports and so the have a sense of being healthy. It all comes down to what they are taught at home.

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