Why do kids touch things so much?


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I'm not a kid :) but I like to touch stuff  too ... I think cos it feels good then. JUST TOUCH STUFF ! Bam !

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I'm 26 and I still like to touch things. Especially when it's a full bottle of Mountain Dew. It feels good.

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Infants and toddlers depend on their senses and the skills and abilities they are born with (looking, listening, grasping, sucking and mouthing) to learn. In fact, the pioneer of child development Jean Piaget, recognizing how infants and toddlers rely on all of their senses to help them understand the world around them, named the first twenty-four months of life the sensorimotor stage


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bc some people like to touch people's hand like this

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Human's nature is to explore, know more, taste, be aware of the unknown, learn the new, invest and invent.

This traits follows up the children from early ages. I remember a scientific who used to call children little scientific, because he found out, those little touches, the messes they make and all the following behaviors, they creating and understanding their own philosophy of life, their shaping the basics of their world. A phrase that we all gone through.

Touching gives out a lot to a children for shaping their sense. The feelings, love, hate, warmth,coldness, safety,danger, hard,soft, pain,itch, tickle, burn and many more . .  Touch and taste! Most children put many things in their mouth right after they absorbed it little bit, tasting is the another great way to feel, to find an idea of something.

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