Women: What is something your husband does to annoy you? Does he still annoy you?


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Nothing about the person I was married to ever annoyed me :) he was amazing:) If I was mad at him he would shave different parts of his body to make me laugh... If I was a little bit angry he would shave a small part of his leg ..  If I was enraged he would shave a huge strip off his arm :) he just knew small things to make everything better and make me smile :) I'm only annoyed by the fact that there will never ever be anyone like him again  and he set my standards way too high.

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I just asked Mrs Didge your question and she said, "Nothing, Darling. You're perfect. Now get off that bloody computer and cut the grass."

Years ago we had a continuing problem but technology has solved it for us. I used to play chess by mail and when I came home from work she hated to have me open my letters and see what moves had been made. She lamented that once I'd seen them she was likely to lose me for the whole evening. Half way through a conversation she said my eyes would glaze over and she knew I was playing through moves and combinations in my mind.

I play on the Internet now and it's no longer a problem.

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All of his annoying habits no longer bother me.  In May of 2015 our 25 by ear marriage came to an end. So you see, his annoying habits don't  effect me at all. 

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He sings, he sings all the time. He never gets the words right but he makes up words to fit but he sings until I have to tell him to shut up.

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Ray Dart
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But surely the singing of your husband is entertaining, tuneful, amusing etc. etc. I know my singing is absolutely perfect. :)
Sharron Prestcott
It ceased to be entertaining about 20 years ago-, he sings loudly and out of tune, he sings Christmas songs at Easter and songs he makes up about the pets. I don't think he realizes he does it anymore until I start objecting.

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