For adults how was life for you as a teenager?


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surprised i survived it

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My teenage years were very happy, cool and a ton of fun.

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Ancient Hippy
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Oh yeah. Believe it or not, we didn't have a pizza place in our town until I was about 14 years old. That's when I had my first slice. I've been addicted ever since.
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Difficult, Sad, Sorrow and a Struggle to Survive 😳

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I enjoyed my high school teen years as I did a lot then and saw a lot of concerts. After 18, then it went downhill as I went into the service and lost those last two teen years. But overall ? I had a good time and enjoyed myself whenever I could. Lot's of road trips !

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Life had its ups and downs. My mom was a single parent so I took on a lot of responsibility to help out. On the plus side of that my mom also gave me some more freedom. I did make some good friends back then that I still keep in contact with.

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