Did being "On Punishment" (can't go out, no allowance, phone and other stuff taken away) work on you?


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PJ Stein answered

There were no cell or smart phones when I grew up. We had one wall phone in the kitchen. That way mom always knew who we were talking to to and for how long and what we talked about. And we didn't have things that could be taken away.

I did get grounded and yes that did work. I am a social person by nature so not letting me socialize always drove the point home.

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Absolutely worked on me, but not on some of my siblings. My grandmother had to have different techniques for each of us because we all had different personalities. She was a firm believer though in sound discipline.  She used the bible based advice: 

" Train up a boy according for the way from him and even we he grows old he won' turn aside from it". Some may think that the bibles advice is obsolete, that is simply not the case. I have decided that if I have children I would want to bring them up using the bible as my spiritual guide.

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