How/why is physical attractiveness of greater concern to emerging adults than to other age groups?


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Because emerging adults are in their sexual prime. We are instinctively driven to reproduce with the best candidate. There is no logic, no conscious selection. It's not intellectual viability that gets the job done its ones physical attributes that is the drive at that stage in life.

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That's a false statement.

The most important part, it's a personal decision so it would be defined as individuals. Then, usually these kind of things exist into teenage world not in adulthood.

But also, some people confuse the matters, maybe you're one of them as well.

Looking to have a healthy body and metabolism and try to be as fit as you'd enjoy has nothing to do with looking for physical attractiveness.

I do gym and i don't care what others thinks about my body in particular girls, i do gym and try to keep my body fit and i do that for myself and my life not for girls or just being attractive. I just wanna be as sharp as possible as a human being in my own skin as a man.

In a mature world, the "attractive" sickness doesn't exist. Look around, you'll see that.

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Matt Radiance
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Thanks! it's important for me to not generalize, not everyone get to be the same, i never been into such things, I'm 20 and never dated a girl back in school or do partying or look for attractiveness or these dramas we seeing mostly in such stages! or to work out in purpose to gain female's attention! i had other goals, i found them more important to look over'em.
Lard Ass
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I still have a hard time believing that you're 20!
Matt Radiance
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lol!! well this always gives me some more courage to keep on my way! the way you count me as an old soul! but let's see it from another perspective, If it's hard to believe i'm 20, what's your guess ? how old i seem to be! ? pick your guess! :)
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Because for the most part ... They are still immature and shallow.

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Because at that age you haven't learned what is truly important yet. You are focused on instant gratification, and not really paying attention to the long haul.

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