Does being polyamorous automatically make you a cheater?


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When done correctly, no it is not cheating. Polyamory essentially means being in multiple relationships at the same time where everyone involved knows that there are multiple people involved. So you can have multiple boyfriends or girlfriends and each one knows that you have multiple boyfriends or girlfriends and typically they also have multiple boyfriends or girlfriends who you know about. No trust is broken and no one feels betrayed because all cards are put out on the table and everyone is okay with it. If someone isn't okay with this set up, they need to either get out or talk to everyone who's involved. It can be seen as non-exclusive committed relationships.

On the other hand, cheating is usually done in monogamous relationships and is secretive where you are doing things behind your partner's back. It is considered betrayal because you have previously committed to be exclusive and you have broken that.

Honesty and openness are what distinguishes polyamory with cheating. They aren't the same thing nor does one make you the other. The intent of what you're going through and the communication involved is very important in determining between the two.

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Walt O'Reagun
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And it's only recently that dating is being viewed as being a monogamous activity. Since the whole purpose of dating is to figure out what type of person you want to spend your life with, it makes sense to date multiple people at the same time.
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No, being polyamorous does not automatically make you a cheater. It is normal for humans to have several crushes. However, from my past experience, a person can have multiple crushes, but their heart truly belongs to one person. For example, guys flirt with many girls, but their pupils will only dilate around the one girl they truly like. (pupils dilating is a sign of love) Girls can have many crushes, but only one boy will make their voice go high pitched. (also a sign of love) Being polyamorous does not make you a cheater, because as science has proven- a girl and can't just be friends.

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Yes, I have met someone polyamorous. It's a real thing.

The difference between polyamory and cheating is consent. If you consent that your partner can sleep with other people and your partner consents that you can, it's not cheating.

Good luck.

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Yes, as long as you are actually practicing it. And if you are polyamorous and you don't consider it cheating, then just remember that you can't say something is cheating. Just saying.

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