Do you have any sad short stories to tell?


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I fell and bruised my knee. The End.

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My mom told me about an event she heard about. It was storming and it carried away a bounce house with a four year old inside. The parents tried to chase it but couldn't reach it, it bounced the child up a few times (30 feet in the air) and on the 5th time, she fell out. She died because of it, but not instantly.

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That's 😔.
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I hadn't known about it until yesterday, we were driving and it was starting to rain, my mom saw a bounce house and told me that. It's been in my mind since then because I find myself getting upset over it and wishing I could have stopped it, even tho I didn't know her. ..
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A friend of mine was playing fetch with her Golden Retriever puppy. The ball was too small and it became lodged in the pup's throat. Despite her panic and attempts to do something, she watched her pet suffocate. The end.

( always dispose of any torn or tattered pet toys )

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