What are some of your weekend family traditions?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

When my family was all together and the kids were young, we went camping and four wheeling a lot. The kids loved it and I taught them how to dead reckon and read the sun and stars so they never got lost. Plus all the good stream fishing. We also explored a lot of old Gold rush towns and mines ! Lot of fun!

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My parents would take us to Ellington air force base to swim. They had a big pool and a two lane bowling ally it was a blast all the astronauts and their kids were around it was a big Nasa party

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Call me Z answered

You mean my relatives or my family?

My own family likes to go out on our boat, or head to our favorite beach (we live in S Fla) or hit a restaurant.

My other relatives spend their weekend slamming beers and bickering. Kind of a tradition. Very sad.

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Didge Doo answered

I'm retired. Our weekends are 7 days long.

But, back in the day, they were usually taken up with sport. Football in the winter, and when the kids were older several of them joined us competing in triathlon. In a sport like that, most of your spare time is spent training.

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Growing up we went to the beach or the springs after church on Sundays. Nowadays, we are retired so we tend to stay home on weekends to avoid crowds. Or I meet up with my brother and his wife who do work and go out for a bite to eat usually at a restaurant along one of the rivers.

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We don't have any really and never have. I mean, unless swapping houses from my father to my mother for the weekend for a few years counts?­čĆá­čĹë­čĆá

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