Should I go ahead and express myself to my so called aunt?

I live in India. I'm telling this in first line because in the below question you may need to know the culture in India and barriers of relationships.

It has been several years I like our neighbor aunt - precisely for 10 years I like her. She is around 40 to 45 years and I'm 32 years. I still find her sexy and hot but my intention is not to have sex with her at all.


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So, you grew up calling her "auntie" as a term of respect, because she was your elder, not because she is a blood relative?

Is she married?  Is she is widowed?

This is all very difficult, because I think it matters a lot if you are in rural India or a big city and her family circumstances.  You don't want her family to take offense and beat you up!

Maybe you could start by saying that you used to call her "Auntie" when you were a boy, but now you would like to be friends as two grown ups and if you could call her by her first name.

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So called, Aunt?  Does that mean she is not your mother's or father's sister, that she is not your 'true' aunt?

If she is not a true family relation, but a good and close family friend .. I would still caution you on the appropriateness of your 'coming out' so to speak.  Just be prepared for the change in your current relationship with her.  It might not turn out as you hope it would .. And in fact, may cause the exact opposite affect.

You are an adult, you will have to judge on how you think she will react.

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