I seem like a happy guy but I've actually been pondering suicide lately.. I'm not sure what to do.. I tried to trick myself into being happy ;/ Told myself I was but truth is, I'm not?


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I feel the same way. I sit there and try to convince myself that I'm happy and okay. But then I realize I keep lying to myself. But as time passes I realize that I was put into this world for a reason we all are so just try your best to keep your head up. You were put into this world for a reason.

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Thanks :) You made me smile ^^ My life has been ūüí© lately. I've been trying to keep my head up, I've lost a lot of friends and my boyfriend hasn't been big on speaking to me lately.. but during this time, with the loneliness and silence, I've been trying to figure out who I am. I wonder why I'm here, I want to find my purpose too, my reason for being here. :) I want to make others happy.. Maybe that's what I need.. I'm not religious or anything (I'm an atheist) but I have a friend who is big on religion. She says that I'm like her guardian angel xD... That would cheer me up ^^ Sorry I rambled hun, but your answer gave me something.. Hope, maybe?
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Your welcome.(: & I try my best to make people happy I spend more of my time trying to make people happy then myself happy. Haha. & like im not religious neither but I feel like god gave us the opportunity to live through everything. He challenge some more then others but he's like testing us if were strong enough. Some fail and take there lives others stay strong and fight through the pain. Theres always a light in the end of the tunnel. I'm glad I can help (: Stay strong. ‚̧
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I'll start with suicide is never a good answer. Remember this saying, "This too shall pass." Right now it may seem dark, but, there is alot of time ahead of you. It took me several years to figure out where my unhappiness and depression stemmed from. It came from a lack of self-confidence and fearing that I could never live up to the standards of other people because I have the need to be liked by everyone. I finally had enough and gave up. I made a choice and decided that other people don't get to dictate my life. I became my own person. I lost several friends but I gained more mentally mature friends. Today, I'm doing better and more confident. 

Forgive me if this was boring but my point was that there is always hope. You're here for a reason. Stick around and I bet that you'll love that reason when you discover it. Best of luck to you, my friend.

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Your answer was not boring at all. It was the first thing I read when I woke up and actually made me cry (I'm not going to lie to you..) My best friend, before I lost her, told me that without my support system, I would fall apart. It's summer vacation now and I'm not too happy with how things are at home, I don't have these people to talk to. (I would talk to my bf but he actually hasn't spoken to me in awhile..) I have another friend who felt the same way you did, he wanted everyone to like him, he was always pushed around because of it, and never really happy. >.> 

I'm not sure where my comment is going, I'm a million miles away. What you said has actually given me a lot to think about, I want to try to find my reason too... Thank you~

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