How Do I Teach My Child To Ride A Balance Bike?


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Children learn some things very quickly. Show the child how to get on and propel it with his feet, he'll pick it up from there.

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Do you think that how to teach your kids to ride a bike or how to ride a balance bike and how will he/she learn balance on a bike? You should consider a balance bike to teaching them. Many people go into teaching their kids to ride on a tricycle or a pedal bike or training wheels. Actually, most of the kids need to start off with more basic.

Here is our step by step guideline that will help you to teach your kids to ride a balance bike. Hopefully, you will be able to complete your aim within a short time and your kids will also be able to learn balancing properly and very quickly.

Let’s get started

Encourage your child to wear a helmet at the beginning. Make sure helmet is on properly, it needs to cover your child’s forehead and helmet straps should be tight.

Checking the bike

The tires of the bike should be pumped up, the brake should work properly and the seat should not be wobbly.

Getting on and off a bike

Show your kid to lean the bike and tell them swing their leg over. Get them to stand with the balance bike on their right side and lean the bikes towards them. Both feet of the kids should be flat on the ground and both hands on the handlebars. Make sure your kid can use the brake comfortably. Ask the kids to go at walking slowly with the balance bike. Explain and tell them that they just stop walking when they want to stop.


Inspire your child to walk and tell them to push on the ground using feet. Tell them to look where they are going; always look straight ahead, not at their feet. Kids are distracted easily, so it helps them to control their balance on the bike. After doing this many times, they will naturally sit on the seat and pick up speed. If they want to stop or slow down just tell them to put their feet down.

Lifting kid’s feet up

When your kids gain more confidence, you try to encourage them for longer steps. Tell them to lift their feet off the ground. They will need to try this more and more. Remember, practice makes perfect.


When they will expert in lifting their feet, help them to steering. Very simple, get them to lean and the handlebars very gently.


If kids are ready, show them how to use or control the brake gently for slow down. Always stop your child before they are bored, hungry and tired. So help the kids to rest and make them energetic for next practices.

Remember, make it fun and keep it positive. Kids love the independence, so be inspiring even if their progress is slow. Let them enjoy the feeling of their activities with the bike. Very soon they will realize that riding a bike is pretty cool. Generally, when your kids are 4 to 5 years old and they have been using a balance bike you can give them a pedal bike and can watch wonders!

Source: Best Balance Bike Reviewed

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Best way ever . . . It was such an interesting way my wife came up with for teaching my oldest, AND his next door neighbor friend.

Gently sloping hill  . . . It can't be terribly steep but the longer the better. Draw a "Start Line" with a piece of sidewalk chalk and make sure to have sidewalk chalk of a color specific to a rider (My son's was blue). The game is to start at top of hill on start line and just lift you feet off the ground to have the bike start moving forward. The rider may put down their feet an ANY time, but that is their turn, and then the next rider does their turn. The contest is to see which rider can coast the furthest, and each will usually out do the other by maybe a foot or two at first. But as they take their feet up, they are learning to keep balance with their body and with the handlebars . . . Without really fully understanding how . . .

Our driveway was pretty long, and pretty soon they were pushing off with their feet and making the turn at the end of the driveway unto the neighborhood street. Chalk marks continued until one rider said I am going to put my feet on the pedals and start moving them and then off they went . . . . No falls cuts or bruises. 

The neighborhood child's mother came home from shopping (her normal pass time instead of spending any time with her son) and watched as her son rode his bike beaming with a smile right up to her. "You can ride a bike? Who taught you?" He pointed at my wife and his mother shot her a look . . . . I'll never forget how happy both my son and his friend were that day.

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Darik Majoren
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As I replied before but for some reason someone deleted . . .
The innocence in my wife showing my son and his friend HOW to ride a bike and no ill intent or malicious undertones toward the mother of my son's friend.

The concept of Punitive repercussions regarding "Sin" wasn't even a forethought nor afterthought. Just two kids having fun, and testing their limits . . . the result was learning to balance on two wheels.

Clear headed individuals do not assign "Sin" and "Punishment for Sin" in the way you seem to.
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I'll add my reply about you seeming to troll my threads down here, so if the admin still feels the need to delete . . they can do it to THIS reply . . .

Thomas, you goal has always been to "Tear Down" . . it is painfully evident with every word you type.
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OK you two. This has gone on too long. Friendly debate is OK but trolling and arguing and such is kind of childish, don't you think ? I didn't delete anything and don't know who did but do your best to just get along or avoid each other. Thank you.
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Well, age and size of bike are factors.

I learned from some of the kids in the neighborhood.

They said they would hold me up which they did---at first.

Once you get moving at a decent speed, the gyroscopic effect of the wheels keeps you upright.

So when I looked back to say thanks, they weren't there.

Problem was, I was riding a full size bike at 10 yrs old and I had no idea how to stop.  I wound up running into a parked car. 

I wasn't hurt, but I stayed off the bike for a while until I understood how to stop.

Skip to the youngest son:

At the time, all the kids in the neighborhood were riding the smaller 20 inch bikes. With training wheels.

We bought one for him and he loved it.

Within 3-4 months he asked me to take the training wheels off. He had figured out what he was doing at his own pace.

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Tom  Jackson
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Boy am I glad you didn't decide to to include your neighbor's son in whatever sex education you might have given your children.

Many things are passed down legitimately at the request of one's children by the social group in the neighborhood.

But I didn't ask my parents to teach me first, and that is the type of request that they would not have denied.

And more importantly, no other adult had the arrogance to usurp a known opportunity for my parents to bond with me if they choose to do so.

Just another example of your "ex-Catholics atheist" attack on most commonly held societal values.

I suspect you are too far gone to ever admit that you are so often wrong due to your personal philosophy of life and you will never back down and admit the damage you have caused and potentially continue to cause.

Rest assured I will continue to point out the damage that you do whenever I come across it.
Darik Majoren
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Well apparently Hypocrisy strikes a nerve.

"Boy am I glad you didn't decide to to include your neighbor's son in whatever sex education you might have given your children." - What is it with you and needing to equate all things regarding children to Sex . . . even in educational boundaries? Why in the world is this the FIRST place you go? Seriously?

I'm pretty sure The innocence in learning to ride a bike is far removed from whatever dark intent you tie it to.

"But I didn't ask my parents to teach me first, and that is the type of request that they would not have denied." - You, a young child wrapped up in the concept of "Self" not asking your parent first to teach you to ride a bike is your . . . "Out" . . .

The assumption being that somehow my son's friend HAD asked this of his parents . . . Apparently the situation YOU found yourself in gets a "Pass", because assumption wasn't implied OR applied.

"I suspect you are too far gone to ever admit that you are so often wrong due to your personal philosophy of life and you will never back down and admit the damage you have caused and potentially continue to cause." - Given what you write, and the darkness you jump to, I will take my "Philosophy of Life" over yours . . . Hands down.
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OK, let's just get along now. Debate is fine but cool of and either just have a friendly debate or avoid each other. Thank you.
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Dorrie Morgan , Easy way to teach a 4 yr old to ride a bike...., answered

1. Strart with both Twheel,when you see the child standing up riding get ready....

2. Ask .. To take -1 Twheel off.. If yes do so.  Make the seat low enought that they can set and walk the bike at the same time..( Stick with the child to keep their blance. At 1st...) trust me it want be long now....

3. Have the child to

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