What is one question you hate being asked?


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I very much dislike it when people ask me why I don't have certain social media networks. It bothers me because it feels like they are trying to leave me out even though it's not done intentionally. Another one is when I just dislike when people ask me about my personal things like, "Who do you like?" Or "Who is hot?" Because personal questions should be left personal. If no one speaks up, don't ask.

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Great question!

I'd have to say I dread it when people stop me when I'm walking around town and ask me for directions...

I probably have the worst sense of direction of anyone I know, and it can be embarrassing.

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I'd have to say, when someone asks me how I am. Most of the time people are just trying to not be rude. I'm not saying all people that ask that are just trying to be nice. But most of the time.

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I hate to be asked, Why are you so shy and quiet.

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Kk polly
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I get asked that too! But really the people who ask me that aren't my friends, and that's why I don't talk to them. But it would be rude to tell them that as answer. :)
Kk polly
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Also my answer is because I'm an introvert
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Right now, what I hate being asked is "why do you want to switch majors?" I'm in the process of switching majors in college right now and I get this question a lot.

I mean it wouldn't be so bad if I could just answer it and then we move the conversation along. But no, most of them, especially professors and advisors, would then add comments which makes it appear like they are discouraging me from switching. Is it really that difficult to accept "because I find this major more interesting than my current one" as a response? Do I have to have a super detailed reason as to why I find it interesting? Is it wrong to find it interesting? Is it wrong for me to not necessarily know exactly what kind of job I want to have in the future by majoring in this? Was I even supposed to know all the ins and outs of my major before I even major in it? I thought that was what college was all about, discovering what you like, what works for you, etc. I realize that most of those questions are asked out of good intentions but the pressure to have the "right" answer is really getting to me and making me anxious that this is the wrong decision.

Yeah sorry, that kind of turned into a rant haha! So I guess it isn't the question that makes me anxious but more of the responses and the questions they'll have for me after I answer them.

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I don't like when people ask me "is that your real hair??" I'm like -_-  yes it is my real hair. I am a black girl with long pretty hair.... yes!!!!

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LOL ! Good answer ! :)
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lol I get asked that all the time. and tbh I think that it's racist because you wouldn't walk up to a caucasian girl and ask them is their hair real but you walk up to me (a black girl) and asks me "is that your real hair" and when I say yes they are like "OMG!!!" and I'm sitting there like -_- really tho

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