What do you think about dyeing hair? I've just got an idea to dye my hair but my dad won't let me, they say its dangerous for my hair....any help or coloring ideas or anything?


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Jannet Rahman answered

Maybe just go for a colour a few shades darker or lighter for a more natural look. And get it done by a professional if your dad is worried about your hair being damaged. I personally think that is it okay to dye your hair as long as you take the proper steps to take care of it! Hope o helped:)

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Kk polly answered

It depends on what the issue is. For my parents, they just didn't want to spend money, so I was allowed to use hydrogen peroxide, koolaid, and natural lightening agents like honey, tea, and baking soda. If you want to try out any of those there are tutorials and directions on the Internet. Also to try things out for one day you could use chalk.

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Usually natural things to use on your hair is better for you them hair dyes got be careful what you use.

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