How many people do you know of that have had a crush on you? What do you think is an 'average' amount? (I know these will be mostly guesses)


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How many people have ever had a crush on me? Let's see....probably zero. Growing up I wasn't someone who stood out that way. When it came to things like that, I was always the slow one. People only saw me as a friend which is usually good but it got annoying when I did actually like someone. And if anyone ever did have a crush on me then I don't know about it because from what my friends say, I'm not an approachable person when it comes to that.

That's why it's kind of surprising to me that I've been on dates before and I've even had a boyfriend once. Then again my ex was trying to make his previous girlfriend jealous so maybe that doesn't count as him liking me for who I was because it was more like he liked me for my body and he used me...anyway enough about him. My other dates were probably just trying to get to know me better by taking me out because we always end up being just friends in the end even if I did have feelings for them initially. So yeah, that's pretty much my "crush history" (or lack of it I should say haha!).

Anyway, I'm not really sure what the average is and honestly, I don't think it really matters. The amount of people who have had crushes on you doesn't define who you are or determine your chances of getting a boyfriend/girlfriend. All it tells you is that you are deemed attractive and desirable to people who are vocal about it. But if there isn't anyone who says they like you, that doesn't mean that you're any less of a person. It could mean that people who liked you aren't vocal about it or that maybe you just haven't found the right person yet and not having tons of people swarm you is like good fortune in disguise to prevent you from being in a bad relationship.

Just try not to over think this or take it to heart because it's different for each person. Some people are just really lucky when it comes to this and some of us are just not. So if you are the kind who gets tons of people crushing on you, don't get too much of a big head and brag to everyone but still feel free to feel good and confident about yourself. If you are like me, then that's okay too. Don't think too low of yourself because stuff like this isn't how you measure the worth of a person's life.

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