Is Nash Grier a virgin? I have been wondering this for a while now.


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I have a feeling Nash Grier is still a virgin.

Of course, I don't think anyone can answer that question with any kind of certainty, as there is very little information available about his dating history, let alone his sex life... but there are some clues that suggest he might just be a virgin!

Things that suggest Nash Grier is a virgin
  • He is an openly devout Christian, and has seemingly had a religious upbringing. He was raised in the "Bible Belt" of the US in North Carolina, and although he has not made any comment about his beliefs regarding sex before marriage, he has suggested that he tries to live a fairly wholesome life, stating that he tries not to use cuss words or do "anything too awful", and is known to regularly check the Bible app he has installed on his iPhone.
  • As for a girlfriend? Well there's no evidence that he is dating anyone at the moment. He has been linked to fellow Vine star Princess Lauren- a claim which she has publicly denied, and which he has not commented on.

Whether or not Nash is a virgin is unclear, but what is obvious is that he wouldn't be short of offers... He has a crazy number of followers on his social media: Over 8 million on Vine, and 7 million on Instagram, and it's no secret that a huge number of these are teenage girls....

Here is an interview from a year ago where he talks about his dating life, and what he looks for in a girl:

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