What's better, the bullet or a five inch shaft?


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Is this some weird refrence I don't understand?

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I think the shaft is better than the bullet to be honest, as the shaft can be used in more ways than the bullet can.

The bullet is very small and is more useful as a clitoral stimulator, whereas a shaft has a variety of uses.

However, a bullet is small and can fit discreetly into a handbag/purse whereas a, that isn't the case. Also the bullet doesn't talk back, that's another advantage. Not that a shaft can talk of course, but the person it is attached to generally does, or at least makes some sort of prehistoric grunting sound.

The bullet can also be turned off and it's battery removed which is a bonus - plus it is bright, shiny and good to look at.... unlike the alternative ;-)

Of course, there is a much bigger version of the bullet which looks a lot more like a shaft..... hmmm, in that case it would really have to depend on who the shaft belonged to. I would rather have all that the whole experience entails, rather than just some pleasure with a piece of plastic, but plastic is way better than some guys - so the jury is still out on that one.

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