How to lose weight?


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Ok for starters, do you need to lose weight? A lot of teens think they need to lose weight or 'tone up' but all they need to do is gain confidence!

First off, learn to love yourself. Not the cocky, self-righteous 'I'm better than everyone else' love but more like being content and satisfied with what you have. Smile. This is the best way to start. Do things you love, with people you love. Surround yourself with people that make you a better person and make you feel happy. Be outgoing and talk to new people at every opportunity. Act confident, even if you don't feel confident. Soon enough you'll feel confident! I can't really give you more advice on that, you have to discover it yourself but once you do you can move on to the next step!

Ok as for weight loss...

Don't fad diet or starve yourself or anything silly like that. Long term effects are non existent when it comes to these methods.

I'm going to tell you what everyone else will say... Healthy eating, excersize and sleep. That's the only way to do it girl!!

I hope this helped and your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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But you should have talked about types of exercises
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We can't blame the teens, because, sometimes, they might have peer pressure to lose weight that sometimes can cause anorexia.
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Whenever you eat healthy foods, without exercise the effects won't last. I suggest you do both, diet with healthy foods and exercise is more effective for losing weight.

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I agree with you, but strict diets are not that important to heed as long as you are educated with the right food to eat and what food to abstain from to know that you are in the right track. Knowledge about nutrients will be beneficial so that you don’t need to be fuss yourself in thinking if the food you are taking is good or not.
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Losing weight is a simple formula.  It's all about calories consumed vs calories expended.  I'll go through the science behind weight loss below to give you a better idea.

How do we lose weight?

  • Our bodies use a certain amount of calories per day to perform basic functions.  This includes breathing, digestion, moving around, and any exercise that we may do.
  • In order to fuel these processes, we consume calories in the form of food and drink.  Now, if we consume more calories than we expend, we put on weight.  Likewise, if you expend more calories than we consume, we lose weight.
  • Each pound of fat is made up of 3,500 calories.  So, to lose 1lb of fat, you'd need to expend 3,500 calories more than you consume.  Of course, this is quite a large amount of calories, so we have to break this down over a longer period of time.
  • Here's the science.  There are 7 days in each week.  So, to lose 1 lb of fat per week, we need to expend 3,500 more than we consume over 7 days.  3500 calories divided by 7 days = 500 calories per day. 
  • Now, you need to understand how many calories YOUR body needs per day to maintain its current weight.  Everyone is different, so we need to use a calorie calculator and enter some personal details about age, sex, height, weight, amount of exercise etc. Into this calculator - click here.
  • Once you've calculated the amount of calories your body needs per day to maintain its current weight, we then have to reduce that figure by 500 in order to lose 1 lb per week.  So, if you need 2500 calories per day to maintain your current weight, you'd reduce that by 500 to get the figure of 2000. 
  • By eating 2000 calories per day (in this example - yours will be different), you'd lose 1 lb of fat per week.
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Losing weight have to do exercise and eating the healthy food, and eat less than usual as well, but if you feel still hungry after eating, though you should eat some fruits and eat some vegetables as your meal, because the meat has many calories and it's difficult for digestion.

It's essential that, doing it need the courage and perseverance,as it can't lost weight in a few days, as at least, it take 4 weeks or more, if you can maintain it.

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There are many tips for weight loss.. Regular excrsice ,diet,green tea and also gym these things are helpful for weight loss.

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Without exercise, taking high calories foods must make you fatty. I also got a better Article about daily calorie intake here -

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