I have soft dark fine hair growth on abdomen between breasts and upper lip you can't see it much in the mirror but you can see it when You look down.  I started my period 2 years ago. My periods are regular I'm 14. Will it get worse? - why is it happening?


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Yeah some people have got more hair than others. I wouldn't feel too bad about it. If it's really embarrassing do Jessi said: get rid of it. I wouldn't worry too much about the hair between your breasts though because it's not like you're showing them off to anybody on a daily basis. It's like shaving your legs in winter. Pointless.

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Since you're getting older you're getting a little hair, my advice too you is to shave it. This will happen to boys your age and other girls too. Finally your periods will happen monthly darling. Some girl's periods are worse than others I believe. You'll get through sweetie :)

Good Luck

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Jessi Kendall answered

This is happening to me too. It's totally normal some people are just harier than others. I personally don't care about mine but you could try and wax shave or nair it off.

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