What can you tell me about boyfriend gift ideas?


2 Answers

Janine  Salwin Profile
Janine Salwin answered

I think it will be better if you present something extra surprise
gift to your boyfriend like a watch, or rings which will always remind him about
you. I also gifted my boyfriend a surprise gift as diamond ring. And still he has that ring as little memory of

Lee Good Profile
Lee Good answered

I used to think that remote control toys are for kids and freaks only, but I was excited to find out how cool they are. I tested an electro car of my nephew and it's so fast, powerful and easy-to-drive. Most of modern models can be switched to smartphone and regulated via an app, the batteries and motor are rather powerful. I am currently choosing a good rc car here , after this I am planning to purchase a drone to film city views and other things. It's like second childhood, I am very anxious to test all of this.

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