I had my period already this month like a week ago and I had sex with my boyfriend and started bleeding, then it stopped. I haven't bled or anything since then, what could it be?


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Was it your first time? If so that's completely normal.

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No I've had sex multiple times. I even had a baby who's one. I only bled when we had sex and since then I've been spotting little by little :0
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Hey, I just wanted to help you figure out your unexpected bleeding after you had sex with your boyfriend, even though you've already had your period this month.

Here are some things that could explain your bleeding:

  • Injury. If you had particularly rough or passionate sex, this could have torn the vaginal walls which would explain your bleeding. You mentioned in a comment that you've had a baby - an old injury sustained during childbirth could also cause the bleeding.
  • Infection. It could be that you have an infection such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or thrush. It could also indicate an STI such as Chlamydia, but since you have a boyfriend this is probably not as likely.
  • Vaginal dryness. Did you notice when you were having sex that your natural lubrication wasn't as high as normal? This can sometimes cause bleeding. This is also more common as you get to menopausal age.

There are also a few other reasons for bleeding after sex such as cervical polyps or erosion, and in rare circumstances cancer, so I'd recommend that you see your doctor. They might recommend some of these things:

  1. A pregnancy test
  2. A pelvic examination
  3. A cervical examination
As you said the bleeding stopped, it could be just an injury. But bleeding after sex is not normal, so it is important that you see your doctor.

You might want to watch this video by a doctor on bleeding after intercourse. Hope it helps!

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