What is the best way to care for a baby in hot weather?


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Make sure you have enough water. Suncream and long slave clothes. A hat is must most of the times. Showing to cool down. And having enough medicine/pain killers in case of sun burn or temperature. 

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Summer can be a challenging season for babies, especially if newborn or really young. Here are some tips to take care of them when the temperature gets too warm.

  • Make sure they drink plenty of water:

    babies can lose a lot of bodily fluids through perspiration which might cause dehidratation. If your child is dehydrated he might: Seem tired and lethargic; be irritable or crying; not eat or drink; have high temperature; have a hot and dry skin or look pale. To avoid this, make sure you give your child water regularly.

  • Don't over dress them: even though it would be safer not to be outside when it's really hot, if you need to go out you should dress your child in light clothing (they suffer heat as much as we do!) and don't forget a sun-hat.
  • Try to walk in the shade as much as you can and use sunscreen specifically for babies  (SPF 30+ or more) especially on the face, hands or arms or the uconvered areas.
  • Choose the coolest place in the house where they can sleep. Also be careful of where the baby sleeps: Do not let him or her sleep in a pram as they might become really hot and airless.
  • Pay attention to the time when you go out: Avoid lunchtime and prefer early in the morning, late in the afternoon especially when going to the beach. The sun won't be as much as powerful compared to lunchtime or early afternoon.
  • If it's really hot , you can try and use a sponge with lukewarm water or you can let them have a lukewarm bath. Do not use cold or cool water though.

Here you can find a more detailed list with some other tips. Hope this helps!

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