How to find single girls on facebook?


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David Shabazi answered

You can't just find single girls on Facebook. There may be ads for it, but it's all a scam. Just go out into the public, maybe at the bar or something, and try to fix a date with someone.

Lately people have been trying to do online dating...that's a huge no. People can easily lie about their physical details, which is usually done by pedophiles or serial killers of some sort. They'll lie about their description, try to lure you in and take advantage of you.

(Silly picture, I know...but it's accurate for this question.)

Would you rather date somebody online and not be entirely sure what they look like or date someone in-person and actually get to know them and actually go on dates and whatnot?

You may say that you could go online video chatting, like Omegle or through Skype...but they could easily use a decoy to chat with you, and it might not actually be them. People do all sorts of tricky stuff - don't do anything serious online, basically.

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