What is the one thing that always impresses a girl?


5 Answers

Nick Major Profile
Nick Major answered

poetry. Unless shes not too bright. Chocolate. Unless shes lactose intolerant. Flowers. Unless shes allergic. I would advise you ask.

Panda Lover Girl Profile

Well I am a girl and the things that impresses me is.....getting a panda stuff animal,eat chocolate, get some clothes, shopping, and that's it

Bradley  Lomax Profile
Bradley Lomax answered

There are too many girls on the planet for there too be a 100 percent accurate answer but if it helps I know what would impress me if I was a girl. It would be some who can defy Gravity and fly and then proceed to cure a previously incurable disease while finally solving the unified field theory. Now you have to admit if someone did those tasks that it would be impressive.

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