I am in high school and chose to do computer studies. I'm wondering how is it going to help me in life?


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Lia Tan answered

Computer studies such as computer science and computer programming is becoming more popular and necessary in the world. Just think about it, many things nowadays run on computers and if there aren't those who studied computers, who is going to help run and protect the digital world? So if you decide to pursue studying computers, it promises a lot of opportunities that you can take. But it also promises a lot of competition, because it's getting more and more popular.

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Karl Sagan answered

Of course! Programming is very popular today, and besides, it is highly paid. It takes a lot to learn to become a good programmer, but I understand that sometimes there is no time for this, and then for example I always use the additional services of writing programming homework here write code for me. I study a lot and sometimes there really is not enough time for anything, so I think that there is nothing wrong with using such services.

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