If You Could Trade Lives With Anyone Who Would It Be? Why Them?


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Wow - what a thought provoking question this is! I wouldn't want to exactly exchange my life or who I am, but I have wondered what it would be like to be in a different role/skin and experience life from a different perspective. As I think about putting on a whole new pair of shoes for a different path, I have to say I haven't ever had the desire to be elected or be a performer or in any highly public role -- from where I stand right now, I like to be around and work with/among small groups of people and individuals, and I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my life. I wouldn't want all the intimate details of my/my family's life under constant scrutiny and speculation, for sure. I would choose to be footloose and fancy-free in the respect of not bogged down by material obligations or bound to one location or part of the world--I would want a profession that benefits others in practical ways, is personally meaningful to me, and be a traveler or explorer of people aqnd cultures... I think I would choose a life like Dr. Catherine Hamlin--she and her husband founded a series of f1stula hospitals for women throughout the world and has changed/improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and helped preserve their dignity, one person at a time. ( OMG can't believe that word was flagged by the Blurtit system as unacceptable or offensive!!! LOL!)
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It took me to darn long to get this one almost right. I ain't about to try another one. But, if I could do it for a day. I'd be somekinda superhero, with awesome powers that would change all the money of the world into the right hands, good honest people would be happy, rich and partying, bad nasty people would be working in the sewers. I'd do it all in one night. People would wake up and think it was the life they had always had. If but for a day...
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I would not being bill gates for a while, cause I doubt I will ever have that experience in real life. I am quite content to stay myself right now though.
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Hummm never wanted to trade lives with anyone... I do like to try to see things from others points of view and there are several deep thinkers on here who could hold my attention for hours.... So maybe not trade places just travel and spend a little time with them and share life stories and lessons learned...
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I would be Miley Cyrus because she is very famous and very cool!!!!!
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I would want to be a rockstar. I would be Miley Cyrys she is really cool that is who I would be and I would be her because she is in a lot of stuff!

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