What Puts You To Sleep?


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First of all for you to leave the TV on all night long is a mistake...when you can't sleep get up and read a book or watch TV...but when you go to bed everything needs to be turned...OFF! A warm bath before bed and there are some sleep tablets that are not dependent and some are with your vitamins in the store take 2 before bed. No pop,chocolate tea or coffee after 6pm. And you could be getting sensitive with caffeine and maybe you should try decaf coffee for a while and see how you sleep at night a small brisk walk after dinner help  digest food too and then have a warm shower or bath...good luck. Joy...never drink alcohol to get to you to sleep it will do the opposite of what you want
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I quiet my apartment.  I turn off the TV, put soft music on the radio or turn it off .  I take a slow relaxed warm bath.  I wash my hair.  I soap my body slowly using a face towel with touch that feels like massaging away the tiredness of the day. If I had a bad day and something is bothering my mind, I make soaping as a gesture to assure myself everything is going to be okay. I do not let worry or concerns intrude my private quiet moment.  As I am rinsing the soap away, I let all my cares get washed away.  Most of the time, the answers come to me when I am soaping and rinsing myself.    
I get out of the tub, take a glimpse at myself in the mirror and smile.  Towel dry myself.  Put cream on my face, lotion on my body.   I go out of the bathroom to a dimly lit living room and continue to relax. 
It is my way of taking care of myself and telling myself everything is going to be okay. 
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mai Vang
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oh can you do that to me too? I would love for you to soap me up and tell me everything's going to be ok...lolz jk that sounds very relaxing.
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Try it. It's really relaxing.
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Well I have always had issues sleeping... Falling asleep and staying asleep. I have used everything from pot to Ambien with only temporary results. I have to have the tv on. I have recently changed my routine and use a vitamin supplement called Melatonin. It has helped a great deal and have noticed that I have even started turnin the tv down. I know it wasn't about sleep problems, but I thought it was worth answering.
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I read how to do astro projection while laying on the bed. Which I'm not calm enough to do it but anyways it helps me sleep. You're suppose relax all muscles like you have no strength. In your mind you rock your body side to side like a lalaby. Vision yourself trying to get out of your body. When I get to that point all I remember is waking up knowing I fell asleep. I would say it's like meditation.
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A beer works with me
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mai Vang
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ahaha didn't you see what Djoyful stated?
"never drink alcohol to get you to sleep it will do the opposite of what you want".
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I don't take a nap in the afternoon
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Well, to be perfectly honest... Smoking a nice fat joint helps me sleep even when my sciatica pains are really bad. Too bad it's still illegal.  NICE NOMAD!!!!
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I don't know how you ever sleep with all those ideas of yours. I usually just lay there and his snoring puts me to sleep. It's free too!
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when I can't sleep I call that when my brain is stuck in overdrive and the clutch don't work sort of just sitting there reving...I usually put in a cd/video that I have watched over and over again and listen to just the sound.....maybe I should put in a language or math tape and see if absorb the material why I sleep.....
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