When A Entire Family Is Disabled And Only Get Paid Once A Month Life Is Tough. The Price Of Fuel Oil, Lights, Food The Necessities Are Hard To Come By. Especially At The End Of The Month?


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Life certainly isn't fair.  I'm so sorry to hear of your predicament  Have you looked into Medicaid?  It's sort of a last resort thing, but you should look into it.  There are state and federal programs that assist with heating oil costs.  Try LIHEAP Clearing House for more information.  I sincerely hope you can get the help you need.
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that's what i was going to say robbier!!!! they help me out. i am disabled and have medicare through social security disability. and if thats not enough you can get social security supplimental income. along w/ that you are automatically entitled to fed. gov. food stamps, help with heating and help with rent or some times depending on your sit. mortgage payments, fed. gov help you don't have to ever repay.. Call your department of social services for the latter. good luck and hope you can get help. p.s. there are community centers in all town that have food pantries that give bread and milk etc. 2-3 days a wk. and on holidays food baskets. don't feel bad because if yo worked you paid for this in your taxes so if you need help now thats what it was taken out for. sometimes some people don't understand this.
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I hope stevesmom sees this. You should have answered the question, too. You had more suggestions than I did.:)
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My father was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and we applied for his social security; it's not a lot but it does help my mom; so if you haven't applied for your husband; try doing so.
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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems. Do you own your home are you old enough for a reverse mortgage. Check into it, you may find that it can help your finances. Did you talk to your Church or the Cancer Society. Montel Williams has a program that can get your medicine free or at a reduced rate. Take a look at his web site. I hope, I have been of some help. May God Bless you and your family. Take care!

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