Who do you trust the most? Could be alive or dead


8 Answers

Cheryle Masters Profile
Cheryle Masters answered
My husband.  Dead:  I used to have a really good friend who passed away in 2004.  I could trust her w/everything.  They do not make friends like Fairy.  Otherwise, God.
Carollynn Lemky Profile
Carollynn Lemky answered
My best friend of 11 years.
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
My wife.
hannah mah Profile
hannah mah answered
Well I really trust my mom a lot! But I trust my dead best friend and my alive best friend Brooke.
Elana Harris Profile
Elana Harris answered
My pets. I know they're loyal to me no matter what, won't tell my secrets, trust me and care for me.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
My cat Socks. She looks at me while I'm speaking like she truly listening to what I'm saying. She blinks in response and plus she so flufffy! Unlike some people.

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