I want to go to bed at 10 o clock and wake up at 9 o clock how can i get in the habbit i dont have a clock or a phone?


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Jennifer Zhan Profile
Jennifer Zhan answered
Actually, it's quite simple. In the first one month, let your parents (if you are living with them) rush you to go to bed and wake up on time. After one month, I think you'll do this without them because you've formed a habit.
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You can get your parents to wake you up. That way after a few days you get used to it. You could also have your computer on and use an alarm clock website.
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Claudine answered
To get in the habit without cell phone alarm or any other gadget, you need to get disciplined about your sleep. If you follow a regular routine of sleep, with time your biological clock with set itself to a fixed schedule and you won't need or will require any other device to wake up.

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