Do You Have A Pessimistic Or An Optimistic View On Life And Most Things Within It?


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     Absitively and possolutely an Optimistic View all the way! This may be the case for me nowadays because I'm relatively in good health, have close friends and family in my life, and am married to a loving partner, which is all that will ever matter to me the rest of my life.
      Yet, I am capable of placing myself in other's shoes, so-to-speak, that may not be enjoying life to the extent I've just described in my case. Therefore, I can understand the position of those who choose a pessimistic view or outlook on life.
      Furthermore, it may not even be a choice but simply a natural reaction to some tragedy or traumatic experience that would cause one to become not only pessimistic towards life but also somewhat bitter. This would most likely be attributed to poor health, a terminal illness, a severe physical impediment, streaks of bad luck, extreme financial debt, nobody to love and love you in return or lack of close friends & family.
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Liesa Swejkoski
Positive. If I didn't play the Glad Game, like in "Pollyanna," I would be in the corner of some mental hospital, wearing a straight jacket, mumbling to myself.--------Liesa Swejkoski, author------Thinking positive is a tool to help us survive. Also, we need to remember what generations have repeated, "Thy will be done." We are not in control of everything, but if we make lemonade out of lemons, we can keep a grip on our sanity.
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An optimist, definitely!  Better to look at what can be, and look for the best in things, than sink down into the depressive levels of how rotten things would probably turn out.  I always believe that if you look for the best in any situation, in a person, or in the future, you can find a reason to believe that it can turn out all right, or at least keep you from wallowing in self pity or depression.  A dose of understanding reality mixed with positive thinking can be a good solution to keep you in good health, or in good enough spirits to get you through the bad times.
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Hey I'm optimistic because it makes me feel better,first law of nature self preservation, I refuse to allow someone else to pull me into the world of negativity, Be blessed,Smile, Don't worry be happy....
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I am completely an optimist. But I am a realist first I know completely full and well the world isn't as pink and rosy as some may want it to be.
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Wow! I have to be the first pessimist to admit it. I believe that as a whole this world is beautiful place. But my pessimism comes from the social interaction of people. I think the social human at least in my world view is inconsiderate, rude and mean to one another as a world whole.  There are exceptions -you all for instance. I also feel that my view was developed early in my life. I want to believe in the goodness of people but I rarely see it performed unconditionally. I am an office worker and I truly do not believe any of the people I work with would be kind outside of the office, other than there is a social structure of diplomacy built into the office environment. I also would not believe them if they said that they would treat anyone and everyone with unconditional kindness once that social structure was removed.
Ok so you're asking what would make me not join the optimist club if all this gloom was true. Well for one thing, optimism would have to be a learn trait for me to continue to believe in goodness. Nonetheless, I am trying and trying and trying to keep a good attitude and want to believe in all the goodness that you all possess. So I figure that even if I am a doom & gloom dude, I feel optimistic that I may change one day. You all can't say I didn't tell you and haven't tried. Have a good day!!
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We all love you mr. Bucky {{{group hug}}}!!! And we sincerely appreciate the honesty you possess to share your pessimism with us♥nassy
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I am basically an optimist. But sometimes when I tend to get pessimist, my friends like you drag me back

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