Is Anyone Familiar With Berkey And Gay Furn. Co. Side Chairs/furniture?


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The Berkey and Gay Furniture Company is a company that is known for manufacturing side chairs and other articles of wooden furniture which is of a very high quality. The company was founded by Julius Berkey and James Eggleston in a small shop which was located on Erie Street in the city of Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan in the United States of America in the year 1859.

For the next seven years, that is until the year 1866, Berkey ran the business in partnership with other people, including Alphonso Ham between the year 1860 and the year 1862 and Elias Matter between the month of November 1862 to October 5, 1863.

In the year 1866, Berkey joined forces with Geo W. Gay. The company was incorporated in the month of August 1873, that is three-and-a half years after Matter's retirement on February 28, 1870 and seven months after Berkey's withdrawal in the month of January 1873.

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